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What if we told you that getting from Point A to B doesn't have to be so boring? That we've made moving around more fun. More light.  More entertaining.

Smacircle is the forefront of innovation. We have invented the world's  most smallest and lightest micro—mobility (S1). A real game changer for your everyday commute.

Use the S1 to go to work, to school, to the movies, anywhere you can think of, the S1 will be there with you. Bring your S1 with you anywhere and everywhere. Fold and unfold wherever you go.

About us

Smacircle is an innovative brand that makes moving around light, fun, and entertaining by creating trendy, compact, easy to carry, practical in use products.

What we are about

People invented a way to move. We made it smart and trendy.

Our Mission

No matter where you are—on the ground, in the water or in the air

Smacircle Exclusive partner in North America:

Wham-O Co. InterSport Corp

966 Sandhill Avenue, Carson CA 90746, USA

Wham-O is a company and lifestyle brand that is steeped in the American cultural tradition of classic, well made toys. With 70 years of cultural and commercial significance, and with a lineup of consumer products that appeal to people of all ages, the Wham-O brand remains synonymous with fun, play and sport. 

Contact us

General Inquiries: info@smacircle.com

PR&Press: press@smacircle.com

Business Cooperation: business@smacircle.com