Smacircle S1 – The Small And Lightweight Ebike That Fits In Your Backpack

May 22, 2017

For all of us who hate crowded public transports, and seeking for any way to avoid it, we found a pretty nice crowdfunding project called Smacircle S1. The developer describes it as the smallest and most lightweight eBike in the world. Apparently another clickbait title, but the Smacicle S1 has something in it.


Smacircle S1 – The fold-up commuter ebike 

The eBike is very light, weighs only 15.4lbs (7kg), and can be easily folded up in five simple steps. The small size, low weight, and the folding feature make the Smacircle S1 a nice option for people looking for an easy way to travel around the city. And good news for people without road license. The Smacircle does not go faster than 20mph, which is the threshold speed of street legal.

Cruise through the city at 12mph at up to a 15° angle with the Smacircle S1 ebike. Powered by a 240W motor there’s no need to run for the bus, join a busy subway carriage or pay for parking, let Smacircle do the hard work for you. No peddling needed!

Smacircle S1 ebike offers a very modern, unique and unisex design, it takes up minimal space and will suit everyone. Ok, not for everyone. The ebike is made from premium carbon fiber and the frame is light, yet strong, but it can carry only up to 220lbs/100kg.

The fold-up commuter bike offers a mobile phone holder on the handlebar that allows the user to easily navigate the way to the destination and has a built-in USB charger to keep your device charged up as you ride. The battery life is not too long, it lasts only for 12 miles then the Samsung battery need to be recharged. This can be a little problem for someone, but the charge of ebike is simple and takes only 2.5 hours.

Smacircle S1 comes with a dedicated mobile app, which allows users to lock and unlock the eBike, adjust the light, speed and monitor the battery life. It also monitors your average and max speeds during your trip. Easily attach your phone to the handlebars to stay in the know.



  • Light carbon fiber frame

  • Weighs only 15.4lbs (7kg)

  • Powered by a 240W motor

  • Max speed 12.4 mph (20km/h)

  • Weight allowance 220lbs/100kg

  • Samsung battery, last for 12 miles(20 km)

  • Built-in power bank

  • Security lock

  • Front light, sidelights on the saddle


Watch the Smacircle S1 ebike video

Smacircle S1 is recently available to pre-order on Indiegogo, take your time and visit the official site using the link below.


Designer: Smacircle Technology


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