The Smacircle S1 folding electric ‘bike’ fits in a backpack

May 21, 2017


In 2015, a company called Smacircle formed with the goal of producing convenient, short-distance transportation solutions for people in small towns or inner cities. After two years of development, they’re almost ready to start producing the Smacircle S1. Calling it the world’s most compact and portable folding E-bike, the S1 folds down small enough to fit into a backpack and weighs just over 15lbs.

But wait, is it still an E-bike when it has NO PEDALS? The S1 relies on throttle power alone, so it could be called a sit-down scooter. Regardless, this is one nifty machine that pushes the limits of low weight and extremely compact dimensions. Intended to cover distances that are too far to walk but too short to drive, the S1 offers a limited range of 12 miles. The product launched on Indiegogo and early bird buyers can pre-order for as little as $550…

Thanks to its compact components and carbon fiber frame, the S1 weighs just 15.4lbs. The solid, shock absorbing wheels are 8” in diameter, the ‘pedals’ are simple fold-out platforms and the seat is basically a padded tube.


The S1 will carry up to 220lbs, and can climb hills up to 15 degrees. The bike comes in one size only, which should accommodate riders between 4’9” and 6’5” with its adjustable seat and handlebars.




Unfolded, the S1 measures 37.5 x 34.25 x 16”. In five steps, the bike can be reduced to just 7.5 x 11.5 x 19.3”.

The S1’s 240W brushless motor drives the front wheel with enough juice to hit 12mph. With short trips in mind, its range is much less than most E-bikes at just 12.4 miles. The rider uses a thumb throttle to adjust their speed on the fly.

The 36V, 5800mAh Samsung battery is hidden in the seat, and locks to the bike to prevent theft. The battery fully charges in 2.5 hours, and conveniently plugs into any standard wall socket.

The S1 uses an electric brake to bring you to a halt. The brake is activated with the touch of a button at the left grip, and it slows down the motor itself to stop the bike within 13 feet from full speed. For riding at night, the S1 has a front light integrated into the stem and side lights built into the seat.

In lieu of an integrated display unit/controller, your smartphone mounts on the backside of the stem. Riders can monitor their battery life, trip duration, and current and average speeds as they cruise along. The bike automatically connects via Bluetooth when your phone is within range, and a USB charger keeps your phone powered while you ride.


The iOs and Android compatible app also allows you to adjust the bike’s top speed, adjust the lights’ intensity, track your rides, and lock and unlock the bike (by deactivating the accelerator/motor).


After the Indiegogo campaign ends the S1 will sell from Indiegogo InDemand for $1499 USD, but early bird buyers can currently pre-order an S1 for $549, with a Smacircle backpack included. The S1 comes fully assembled and color options are not

abundantly clear, but the bikes are shown in black and white.


The S1 is covered by a one year warranty (excluding typical wear items), and global shipping is available. The first finished units should be ready in October. Check out the Indiegogo campaign page here.


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