June 20, 2017


Ever thought about getting a bike but decided against it at the last moment? You might have fears that it’ll get stolen off the street, and you’ll have nowhere in your tight studio apartment to store it…


Enter the nifty Smacircle S1, the most compact electric bicycle ever designed.


The Smacircle S1 is the perfect e-bike to zoom around any city with ease and in style, and it’s giving a much more literal connotation to the term “pocket-rocket.”


The bike is constructed with a sleek carbon fiber frame, weighing only 15.4 pounds, that folds up in five easy steps. Its maximum speed is between 12-13mph, and despite its lightweight build, it can hold up to 220 pounds.


Running on a 240w electric motor, the battery is fully charged by simply plugging it in to any wall outlet for 2.5 hours. A single full charge gives the bike a range of 12 miles.


As far as security is concerned, the bike has a built-in automatic bluetooth syncing feature, so it won’t take off unless its owner’s mobile device is paired with it. Speaking of safety, the brakes to this little pavement shredder are fully electric.


There’s also a built in USB port so you can keep those devices fully juiced while cruising around (but NO TEXTING WHILE BIKING! Ok? Ok.).

 Designed by a Chinese startup based in Shenzhen called Smacircle Technologies, the S1 was launched via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding initiative that has more than tripled its initial funding goal to date.


On their IndieGoGo page, Smacircle indicated that their S1 e-bike will retail at $1500 (JESUS!) once it’s available commercially. However, if you go to their campaign website, a donation of $649 will get you a S1 bike for a pretty sweet discount.


By far the coolest and most innovative feature of this bike is its simple 5-step folding protocol. It’s the perfect compact solution for any urban commuter frustrated with the subways, or for an eco-friendly summer cruiser to get you to the beach and back.


Check out Smacircle’s S1 promo video below, follow them on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to keep your eyes open for S1’s zooming down your street soon!


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